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starship-design: Re: What is gravity?


>I[f] space-time is treated as if it were a compressible fluid, then the
>effects (at least some of them) of gravity are recreated, i.e., in the
>presence of a mass, space-time compresses, and a ray of light entering
>this region is bent, as Einstein predicted.  Now, I'm NOT saying that
>space-time IS a compressible fluid, just that it seems to act like one.  

Of course this density model is nearly the same as the curvature model. The
clear difference is that curvature usually implies a 2 dimensional world,
while density is usually associated with 3 dimensions.

>I'm still working on the real numbers for this hypothesis, and hope to
>have them posted here soon.

Ah, will you be using tensors? If so, can you explain me a bit about tensors
(in practical pictorial examples). I'll be in great debt...