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Re: starship-design: ZPE generators

kyle writes:
 > A ZPE generator is a device (a REAL device) that draws energy from a
 > vacuum. The vacuum is actually not empty, but, as steve says, a sea of
 > energy fluctuations. The desity of this energy is thought to be
 > negative, and studies seem to support this. The energy can be tapped by
 > two closely >.1nm placed conductive plates. Several people have built
 > working devices to extract ZPE, one of which produces up to 100,000
 > times the energy input. Its very expirimental, but more realistic than
 > using antimatter, which doesn't pack nearly the same punch, and costs
 > $100 Billion per milligram. Most scientist doubt that it exists, but
 > this is simply because it would require revision of current theories,
 > and humans like to think they know it all. Be warned, however, there are
 > scientists that are too far out, and will believe anything. I'm in
 > between, a good standing point. ZPE may be replenished by special
 > circumstances (theoretically).

Kyle, please provide references and published experiments.  If it can't
be independently verified, it's not science.  A scientist that will
believe anything is not a scientist, but a gullible fool.

 > Sorry you feel this way, but ZPE has been tapped already. Heard of
 > Hyde's machine? But most scientists don't listen to amatuers, since we
 > don't have PhD degrees to show.

It's not a matter of whether you have a PhD or professional
certification.  It's whether you have independently verifiable
experimental results.  The truth stands up to scrutiny, and falsehood
doesn't.  Cold fusion and other hoaxes fell apart because nobody could
duplicate the purported original results.

So again, I ask, where are your references for this?

 > > I'd rather work with plausibly exotic energy-generation
 > > methods like antimatter.
 > Antimatter is too expensive, where ZPE is cheap. Besides, antimatter is
 > only 100% conversion. O/U is better.

Antimatter has a firm theoretical and experimental track record.  Aside
from your assertions, I've never seen any references to successful
experiments to extract vacuum energy; certainly nothing involving
independent verification from multiple sources.  Put up or shut up,