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starship-design: Re: Aliens, why haven't they contact us?

Antonio wrote,

>1. If we have been exposed to (and maybe originated from) space-born
>biological material, then local life is probably reasonably well suited
>to deal with any life originating within "average" distance. Maybe it
>even is "similar" to it.

That was exactly my (unwritten) thought when I wrote about "dirty snowballs"
and alike.

>2. Less-advanced Aliens will probably be from close by, allowing us a
>reasonable chance at biological self-defence. Advanced aliens shall
>probably have advanced microbots (or whatever) to "secure the perimeter"

Interesting idea: "securing their perimeter"

>    3a. On life: microbes have been found on earth that thrive in
>anoxic, acid-rich hundreds-degree Celsius hot environments. Ditto for
>orgs living near sulfur-rich thermal vents on the ocean floor. Coupled
>with the space-born life hypothesis, this suggests that life is probable
>on any nearby planet without too much radiation and sufficient heat
>(20-700 degrees Celsius). Venus and the gas giants immediately come to

I resently heard that gassious planets would provide a too unstable
environment for primeordial life (no evidence given of course).
Usually land is considered already too unstable for live to originate. So
just for that matter Venus is much less likely to have life.

>4. 5 billion people is a lot to us, but could be a hamlet to a
>gregarious space-faring race. Again, aliens are alien. They might not be
>composed of individuals as we understand the term.

True, if they had nanobots to do the work for them, it would matter little.
But of course providing the technology is not the only thing. Teaching
responsibility is another usually lengthy process.

>6. In our pattern of society, it is usually adventurers, traders,
>colonizers, castaways and fugitives who first contact new cultures. The
>priests and scientists usually follow long after. By then, the damage
>has already been done. The abos have to face the cultural shock and meet
>the visitors new demands as best they can. _If_ the aliens are like us,
>that's the way it might go. Otherwise, who can tell?

Hmmm, so far space has only been visited by scientists. Maybe the analogy
isn't as simple.
And once again, why take the risk to be disected for making contact with
Earthlings while you have more luxury than Earth people will have for centuries.