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starship-design: Fast Walker


Fast Walker is the nickname given to an object that was seen by some
satelites we put in orbit to detect nuclear detonations. This object is
strange in the fact that it approache earth, then veered away, producing
enourmous amounts of energy. Here's where it gets weirder: It departed
with LESS than escape velocity! Theoretically impossible, unless you
have a drive system that produces antigravity! Maybe it was natural, but
I seriously doubt it.

Maybe I sound like a UFO nut, but I don't believe every story I hear
(such as Roswell, where I say "Show me the alien debris", but who
knows?) Think about how possible it is that we may have been visited
then. Why did they not contact us? Remember the Avatar scenario? We took
that into account quite well. Was it artificial? I personally think
there's a good chance it was.

Kyle Mcallister

P.S.: I can give you some webpages about FastWalker if you like.