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Re: starship-design: Re: Superluminal velocity of quasars

Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Kyle,
> >From what I understand from:
> http://www.achilles.net/~jtalbot/V1979/index.html
> (This is the first link of the page I reffered to last time)
> The stars don't produce that much energy. Because of the abnormal redshift,
> astronomers used to believe that it was far outside our galaxy. So since it
> was as bright as normal stars and so far away it should be very energetic.
> But since a few decades astronomers find more and more evidence that the
> redshift seen from Quasars is not related to their distance from Earth.
> Therefore their power output has to be much lower to give the same brightness.
> The final question may be what causes this abnormal redshift. I haven't been
> able yet to figure out what the experts believe but think that it has to do
> with natural laser action.

That would certainly answer many questions about quasars (if true). Good
article. Thank you for telling me about it.