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starship-design: Re: Superluminal velocity of quasars


>According to that article, quasars are hot stars within our galaxy. How
>does a single star produce that much energy??

>From what I understand from:
(This is the first link of the page I reffered to last time)

The stars don't produce that much energy. Because of the abnormal redshift,
astronomers used to believe that it was far outside our galaxy. So since it
was as bright as normal stars and so far away it should be very energetic.

But since a few decades astronomers find more and more evidence that the
redshift seen from Quasars is not related to their distance from Earth.
Therefore their power output has to be much lower to give the same brightness.

The final question may be what causes this abnormal redshift. I haven't been
able yet to figure out what the experts believe but think that it has to do
with natural laser action.