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starship-design: Re: Telescopes in Orbit

It seems I missed something, apparently there was an error in someone's math?

First of all, it starts out in miles and ends up in meters, then there seems 
to be a problem with orders of magnitude? Not trying to pick, but would 
someone please tell me what either the correct equation or the correct answer
is? Actually, I think I would prefer the equation. I want to apply it to both 
LaGrange and Lunar orbit data and see what sort of resolution we are talking 

Lee Parker

                                                          (o o)
"I am afraid the knockabout comedy of modern atomic physics is not very 
tender towards our aesthetic ideals. The stately drama of stellar evolution 
turns out to be more like the hair-breadth escapades in the films. The 
music of the spheres has a painful suggestion of -- jazz." 

-- Arthur S. Eddington, Stars and Atoms, 1926.