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starship-design: Telescopes the size of worlds?

Wait a minute! We're talking about telescopes the size of planets here.
Where are you gonna get that much money to build these? It WILL be more
expensive than a starship, because of the immense size, stabilization
systems, power systems, etc. This may not seem like a problem, but then
you have repairs when a cloud of debris comes careening through the
thing, which pretty much makes useless that telescope. 

Another problem: these things will get so big, they'll warp under their
own weight. If anything hits this thing, it will become destabilized,
and when you try to thrust it back to stability the thing will probably
buckle from stress. If you really want to build these (I don't recommend
it), at least build them in an array, with many smaller scopes. 

These ideas are great to wonder about, but are impractical: for the same
price you can go there. Why then do you spend $100B+ on limited scanning
scopes, when you can go? I ask you: how do you get an electron
micrograph of bacteria with a telescope? theoretically you could, but it
would be so massive...

And you say my ideas are far-out?? Maybe my ideas defy current
understanding, but they are practical. 

Kyle Mcallister