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RE: starship-design: Re: Aliens

Kelly and Timothy,

This thread is getting TOO wierd. But Kelly has a point. Even assuming 
the worst imaginable odds for life, intelligent life, space faring life, etc. 
there should still be SOME indications.


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Kelly wrote:

>This leads back to the bigger SETI problem.  If their were any star traveling
>civilizations; and if they went out, colonized/explored, and set out for the
>next stars.  If the average 'wavefrount' of their exploreres moved at 1/10th
>light speed.  They could cross the galaxy in a million years.  Given they
>should have had billions of years to get here, and even slight
>biocontamination should leave noticable traces (their arn't any) then where
>the hell is everybody?!

Why do you think the dinosaurs died out? Indeed biocontamination. The aliens
tried to clean up most of the carcasses, that's why we find so few of them.
Most of the small critters survived, because they usually have more and
faster offspring and can thus adapt faster to such disasters.

And you also know that many are abducted by aliens for genetic experiments.
They are trying to match both our biologies.

Wow, it sounds so logical ;)



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