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starship-design: Re: Mutiny


>No matter whether we use FTL or STL, no one is going to be stopping
>in-between.  that means to have a mutiny, it must happen in the target
>system.  Since it's likely that we'd have a colony segment anyway, (in
>case of accident if for no other reason)  then
>probably what would happen is the mutineers would be the ones who
>demanded to be left behind (and left alone) and let the loyalists go
>back to Earth.

I didn't think people would start a mutiny "somewhere in between", I indeed
thought that some might not want to leave the destination system (assuming
they thought that they could survive there).
If that group gets to big, it will make it impossible for the other group to
go back to Earth. I could imagine that the groups would start a fight.

However, I'd expect that the people choosen to make the trip would be quite
rational and social. It is unlikely that they would start a fight. So either
most would stay or most would leave.