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Re: starship-design: Re: Why go to the stars? - Kyle

L.Parker wrote:
> Bogus or not, its not good enough for 1000 light years. For FTL to take 31 years
> is ridiculous. Might as well go sublight at relativistic velocities. It only take 12
> years (ship time) that way.

31 years (earth time) to travel 1000 ly is not unreasonable. If you use
relativistic travel, sure you'd get there in less SHIP time, but it'd
take over 1000 years earth time. Try getting funding for that! 31 years
ain't that long. 

You could go faster if you wanted to (just increase the ZPE generator
section, explained in my upcoming design). My numbers aren't bogus, but
come from "the man who started it all", Miguel Alcubierre. I'm simply
applying his theory to design. He deserves the real credit.

If you try going faster than 1g, even for FTL, its gonna be hard on the
ship's integrity. So make the ship more durable, which increases weight,
which increases energy usage...but not impossible.

Kyle Mcallister