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RE: starship-design: Re: Why go to the stars? - Kyle


Bogus or not, its not good enough for 1000 light years. For FTL to take 31 years 
is ridiculous. Might as well go sublight at relativistic velocities. It only take 12 
years (ship time) that way.


Actually, I think your numbers are completely bogus because your
equation isn't grounded in reality.  Even if you are using some sort of
FTL drive (and that FTL drive actually worked) it won't be immune to
relativistic effects.  FTL won't eliminate time dilation effects even if
it did allow travel faster than light.


"It is a safe rule to apply that, when a mathematical or philosophical 
author writes with a misty profundity, he is talking nonsense." 

-- Alfred North Whitehead, An Introduction to Mathematics, 1948.