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starship-design: Re: Quantum Gravity

(I've tried sending this letter some hours earlier, but it doesn't seem to
have reached SD)

Zenon wrote:

>If that [space and time being discrete] proves to
>be true (whatever "true" exactly means),
>it will relate to our objective quite significantly.
>Namely, it will mean that our Universe is like a 3(or more)-D
>cellular automaton (just like a giant version of Conway's game "Life"),
>which in turn will mean that FTL is really impossible 
>(and explain why - you cannot shift bits in your computer
>faster than one tick of your master clock...).
>Moreover, then all will have to go digital... ;-))

Not necessarily, there may be something underneath space-time. That is,
something that provides the building blocks for space-time.
Just like nature provides ways to enhance the building blocks of today's
computer (and thus allows to increase the speed of the masterclock, nature
may also provide ways to enhance the velocity of information transfer.