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RE: starship-design: Missing letter or paradox?

Lately it seems that I've not received a few (three) letters from SD.

This may be because:

1) The connection between the SD-server and my provider is not good.


2) Some person A replies to person B while sending the letter only to person
B and not to SD. Then person B replies to A while quoting the original
letter and sends it to SD. The result is that I miss the first letter.

[L. Parker]  Actually, that was my fault, I think I used "Reply To:" instead of "Reply to All:". Interestingly enough, your reply to the message you quoted contained text from a letter from Ken to me that I never saw! Not only that, but I noticed extra characters showed up in some of my formulas...

I think Ken is sending mail via a courier service named "Bright Mail" and the letters are arriving before they were written <G>.



Action to be taken:

1) Pray to the holy God of the internet universe.

2) Ask the people of the mailing list to pay extra attention when replying a
letter. That is, they should sent it to SD not to the author (this seems to
be a standard setting in some mail-programs).

Lastest case to be known:

Ken quoted:

>Okay here is where you lost me. WHY did you change frames of reference?

which was apperently written by Lee. However I never did receive a letter
from Lee that had that line in it.