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Re: starship-design: Stars_within_16_light_years_of_the_Sun

> Steve VanDevender wrote:
> >
> > Zenon Kulpa writes:
> > Sorry, but this MUST be in error.
> > Your data gives B farther away than A by 0.5 ps, that is 1.6 ly,
> > and at the same distance as to Barnard.
> > And both these are certainly not true.
> I'll have to agree with Zenon on this one.  Alpha Centauri is a trinary
> system, with Proxima being distant from A/B; the apparent distance to
> A and B should be nearly identical.
I have studied astronomy quite thoroughly, and agree with Zenon and
Steve: The distance is in error. Most likely whoever put it on the web
in the first place accidentally put 8 instead of 3. Those numbers do
look very similar.

Steve: You are quite correct on the magnitude part. I didn't even notice
it at first. The "visual"should be "absolute" magnitude. Very observant.

Kyle Mcallister