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Re: starship-design: FTL Drive designs

In a message dated 6/18/97 6:09:08 AM, stk@sunherald.infi.net (kyle) wrote:

>Steve VanDevender wrote:
>> kyle writes:
>>  > an energy density of in excess of 10^28 w/cm
>> I can't make any sense of that unit.  W/cm^2 makes sense for a radiating
>> surface, and W/cm^3 makes sense as a unit of power generated per volume
>> of reaction, but W/cm?  I can't figure out a way to interpret energy per
>> unit time per unit distance.
>My apologies. I meant W/cm^2. Please forgive this.
>> Unfortunately, Kyle, without an explanation of how this drive is
>> supposed to WORK I can't take your explanation seriously.  You can't
>> just spew buzzwords; you have to explain this without making up the
>> underlying physics.
>The drive works by using the negative gravitation produced by Zero-
>Point quantum fluctuations to warp space negatively. The plates on
>the ship generate the ZPQF to do this. Then it is exactly like an
>Alcubierre exotic matter drive, but does not require exotic matter.
>The segment at the front of the ship is balanced to be as massive 
>as the ZPQF generated at the rear segment, so as to warp space as
>shown in the diagram I sent. It's really quite simple. Mail me if
>you have any more questions. I have other ideas also.
>Kyle Mcallister
>P.S.: I ordered the book you recomended. (Spacetime Physics) Thanks
>for recommending it to me.

How much does this rig weigh?  Its starting to sound like it eiather
outweighs a moon, or couldn't out accelerate (virtually speakin?) a sail