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starship-design: Re: FTL, ZPE n' stuff

Kyle writes:

As to who and when FTL communication took place: Professor G=FCnthe Nimit=
and a group of researchers at the University of Cologne in Germany have
transmitted a microwave signal across a path or 11.4 cm at a measured
velocity of 4.7 TIMES LIGHT SPEED. Argue that if you will. It has been
done, witnessed, and done again. Even here in the US, we sent a signal
at 1.69 times lightspeed. That way done by Dr. Raymond Chiao at the
University of Califonia at Berkely.

This is far from a cut-and-dried FTL experiment.  Chiao, for instance,
does not even claim that he is violating Einsteinian physics, and his
interpretation of what is happening can also be applied to the Nimitz
experiment.  For an interesting summary check out this web page: