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starship-design: FW: SSRT: Space Access Update no. 72 Alert - Followup

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Subject:	SSRT: Space Access Update no. 72 Alert - Followup

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Subject: Space Access Alert (SAU #72) Followup 6/5/97 (fwd)
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Subject: Space Access Alert (SAU #72) Followup 6/5/97

          Space Access Society SAU #72 Alert - Followup, 6/5/97

We included a political action alert in Update #72 of 5/23/97, asking
you to contact members of the House National Security Committee R&D
Subcommittee, and ask them to support funding for reusable launch work
in next year's Defense Authorization.

We're happy to report that we've heard authoritatively that Rep. Curt
Weldon, R&D Subcommittee Chairman, plans to add $15 million for reusable
launch technology work in next Tuesday's Defense Authorization markup.
We intend to push for more in the House-Senate conference to come (we'd
asked for and think Phillips Labs could effectively use $75 million) but
this $15 million add is both a significant expression of support (the
initial amount was zero) and still quite useful even if we don't get it
increased later.

We'd like to thank everyone involved in this initial success, on the
Hill, inside the Beltway, and out in the country at large.

We'd also like to ask you to thank Representative Weldon for his support
for reusable "spaceplane" technology funding in the FY'98 Defense
Authorization, over the next few days.  Keep it very brief, a few words
on the phone, a couple lines on the fax or letter -  we want to let his
staff know we noticed and we're grateful, not eat up their time when
they're already overloaded.  A note or postcard via paper mail is
probably the easiest for them to handle; an address that will work is:

    The Honorable Curt Weldon
    US House of Representatives
    Washington DC 20515

If your local representative is also on the R&D subcommittee and you
contacted them previously, a quick thanks to them (as above) would also
be a good thing to do.  We'll attach the R&D Subcommittee list again,
for your convenience.

(Freshmen have no numbers listed; you'll have to call the main Capitol
switchboard at 202 224-3121 and ask for their offices by name.  No
guarantees the Democratic freshmen's names are spelled correctly; we
were working from a faxed list that was blurry in that section.)

   House National Security Committee, R&D Subcommittee list
                                        voice           fax
  - full committee chairman
 Spence, Floyd (R-02 SC)            1-202-225-2452 1-202-225-2455
  - ranking minority member
 Dellums, Ronald V. (D-09 CA)       1-202-225-2661 1-202-225-9817

  - subcommittee chairman
 Weldon, Curt (R-07 PA)             1-202-225-2011 1-202-225-8137
 Bartlett, Roscoe G. (R-06 MD)      1-202-225-2721 1-202-225-2193
 Kasich, John R. (R-12 OH)          1-202-225-5355
 Bateman, Herbert H. (R-01 VA)      1-202-225-4261 1-202-225-4382
 Hefley, Joel (R-05 CO)             1-202-225-4422 1-202-225-1942
 McHugh, John M. (R-24 NY)          1-202-225-4611 1-202-226-0621
 Hostettler, John (R-08 IN)         1-202-225-4636 1-202-225-4688
 Chambliss, Saxby (R-08 GA)         1-202-225-6531 1-202-225-7719
 Hilleary, Van (R-04 TN)            1-202-225-6831 1-202-225-4520
 Scarborough, Joe (R-01 FL)         1-202-225-4136 1-202-225-5785
 Jones, Walter (R-03 NC)            1-202-225-3415 1-202-225-0666
 Mike Pappas (R NJ)
 Bob Riley (R AL)
 Jim Gibbons (R NV)

  - subcommittee ranking minority member
 Pickett, Owen B. (D-02 VA)         1-202-225-4215 1-202-225-4218
 Abercrombie, Neil (D-01 HI)        1-202-225-2726 1-202-225-4580
 Meehan, Martin T. (D-05 MA)        1-202-225-3411 1-202-226-0771
 Harman, Jane (D-36 CA)             1-202-225-8220 1-202-226-0684
 McHale, Paul (D-15 PA)             1-202-225-6411 1-202-225-5320
 Kennedy, Patrick (D-01 RI)         1-202-225-4911 1-202-225-4417
 Rod Blagnjevich (D IL)
 Silvestre Reyes (D TX)
 Tony Allen (D ME)
 Jim Turner (D TX)
 Loretta Sanchez (D CA)

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