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starship-design: NASA smells a warp drive?

News Flash.
Someone I correspond with in NASA is part of a  "Breakthrough Propulsion
phusics Research Program".  He sent me a copy of a paper they're going to
present at their conference in January.  (Sorry I was asked not to widely
distribute it until after then.)  They are working to coordinate research
into new theories and phenomena that have recently emerged in scientific
literature and laboratory results.  They think some of these might point
toward possibilities for exotic drive systems such as:

-  Eliminating or dramatically reducing the need for rocket propellant by
the manipulation of inertia, gravity, or other matter, fields, spacetime

-  Ultra high speed space travel.  Possibly through induced motion of
spacetime itself.  Possibly at hyper-light speeds.

-  Power production systems that might allow us to tap into vacume
fluctuation energy.

These are ideas they feel show promise due to emerging theories and
experimental results which point to exotic possibilities.

To put it mildly, I was a little suprized to see a paper from a group at
NASA.  Suggesting ways to facilitate the development of anti-grav,
warpdrive, inertia altering, and zero point energy taping systems!!


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