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Re: starship-design: IP change

At 12:28 PM 11/12/96, David Levine wrote:
>Just a minor IP change:
>My site is now
>instead of
>Sorry for any inconvenience!

I tried the new address, but got no responce.   Are you sure thats the
correct address.

>Kelly, I have the list of changes - I will do them... hopefully soon.

Ok, good.  (I could point out youve said that a few other times over the
last several months.)

Oh, could you upload all the newletters to your site?  I was going to try
to make a new newsletter table of contents, but I don't have anything to
test it on, and I'm not sure what the names are of the sections that can't
be accessed (part of the Sunsite Newsleter TOC is crashed.).


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