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starship-design: Being smart...

OK guys... I've been reading the letters over the past weeks. They are
so way complicated. Now, I know that I pretty much have to go to college
to learn all this stuff, and sure, eventually I will.

But what I would like to know is:

course names
book names
important people

Or, if you guys learned from something else, please let me know.

What I'm talking about is all this space stuff, like using hyperbolas
to solve communication problems with spaceships and solar sails problems.
If possible, I want specific info (i.e. the NAME of the course) and any
other info you guys have. Thanx alot

And hopefully, if I get response, I can start immediately learning this
stuff. Also, any info on WHERE to start learning all this is a great help.
BTW, if you think it is too hard, please ignore that. Send me any info,
regardless of impossibility for me to learn, got that? :)


P.S. Kelly, how come you aren't using the starship-design mailing list
     sometimes? Is there a prob I should know of?