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starship-design: Web update.

I uploaded the latest drafts of LIT web stuf.  Mainly some error
corrections, and I added a newsletter section (including subscription
instructions).  I have high confidence in the completness of the
newsletters going back about 3 months, and I have loaded all the back
letters and clipping I have.  This gives fairly good coverage back to
February 96 (the old site crashed last October).  If anyone else has better
coverage you can talk to me or Dave about it.

M.A.R.S and Argosy folks.  If you have more worked up, or need help I'm here.

Given that the new semester is starting, and I'ld like to have the new LIT
up and runing pretty soon for the collage crowd, so unless I find something
broken, someone has a complaint, (or Argosey or M.A.R.s need help) I'm not
intending to do any more updates for a few months.

Dave, I will under no cercomstance upload anything more without checking
with you in advance.  I don't want to over write something your working on.


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