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starship-design: New draft of site

I uploaded updates to the LIT beta site (Daves w/s).

Marine now has a bunch of web links to interesting (I hope) sites.

A few corrections here and there (like the correction to the Solar system
Dev Banor.

Argosey/tradewinds, M.A.R.S., and fuel sail now have token pages loaded for
them.  (Just what I could rattle off on the top of my head.  I still didn't
get a readable copy of Brains draft of his Argosey/tradwinds page, and
since none of you forwarded one to me.  I guess you didn't eiather.
BRIAN!!  Mail it to me on a floppy (I'll refund postage!!), ftp it to
Daves, whatever.

Needs some link fixes and I have to do the Newsletter function, but
otherwise its about down from my end.


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