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Re: starship-design: Europa

At 12:02 PM 8/14/96, Steve VanDevender wrote:
>Kelly Starks writes:
> > In case anyone missed it, NASA anounced yesterday that Galaleo photos of
> > Europa show what looks like signed of a under ice liquid water ocean.  I.E.
> > a life zone.  All in all their having a good month!
> >
> > <Damn forgot to forward the anouncement here to forward out.>
>Soon the alien starships will enter the Solar System and remove all
>doubt :-)  We could then pick their brains for design concepts.

If they're big disks, hovering over our major cities, I'm going to be
pissed!  ;)

> > Kelly
> >
> > P.S.
> > Am I the only one who wasn't particularly suprized or impresed by the
> > Marian fossil discovery?
>I actually wasn't that shocked by the concept; my reaction to
>"Extraterrestrial life found" would be "Well, duh."  Considering the
>tenuous nature of their evidence, I'm waiting to hear about further
>results and analysis of that meteorite to see if anything more
>conclusive develops.

Agreed.  It looks likely.  By then it always did.

It might at least get NASA to consider the possibility of active life forms
in their designs.  (Admin desision was that we proved nothing alive is at
Mars.  And people wounder why D.C. shouldn't be trusted with hard


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