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Re: starship-design: Thanks to Steve

At 6:48 PM 7/26/96, Zenon Kulpa wrote:
>Thank you for setting the list!
>It will help us both technically as well as spiritually -
>boosts morale to have something up and running,
>not only rigged up like during the last months...
>Now only to have again a nice WWW site
>(Kelly - how's with my proofread page?)
>and we may start again to think about starships...  ;-))
>-- Zenon


Your proofed version looks good (I changed the clink colors to stand out
more), and I've done some clean up of the Library web links page (Bens
taking a look at it now).  This has been a bad week for me, but next week I
should be able to get that all cleaned up, and add a subscription option.
If we can get Newsletters sorted out I can add a hook to that in the
Starship design home page.



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