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starship-design: RE: Dave's great idea...

I guess what worries me about breaking LIT down into individual parts, is
thinking of who were the big contributers 2 years ago.  I mean people who
wrote up a lot of the FAQ sheets and 'lessons' and stuff.  Most are long
gone now.  Going through the lists of old members web pages.  About a third
of those personal web sites are gone.  So if we beak LIT up into parts on
various servers.  As people drop out or lose interst those sections could
drop off.  In a year or two LIT could disapear.

Also internet service providers vary in access.  So parts of lit could be
avalible while others drop out.  So having a central 'production site',
like SunSite or Kevin's server, that everyone loads finished stuff on would
seem to be an advantage.  Or with Kevin's system, everyone could get an
account to their section of the site.




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