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Re: starship-design: Stellar drive?

> A Faraday cage is a passive thing, it does not generate a field, it converts
> the EM-radiation into an electrical current.
> It is not a complicated thing, it is merely a wiremesh in the form of a cage
> (round, square) it's shape does not matter much, as long as it is closed.
> The general theory is that as soon as a difference in fieldstrength is
> present between two points of the cage, the electric current will resolve that.
> The size of the mesh is important, the smaller the mesh size, the better it
> protects against high frequencies.
> By the way, why do we need alternating magnetic fields, or are constant
> magnetic fields possible too?
> Timothy

Umm, is this Faraday cage made of ferrous material? Think about it...

L. Parker