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Re: starship-design: Stellar drive?

> From: KellySt@aol.com
> To: starship-design@lists.uoregon.edu
> Subject: Re: starship-design: Stellar drive?
> Date: Saturday, October 19, 1996 6:46 PM
> >Kelly replied:
> >>> Now that I have said that, if anyone finds a method of
> >>> shielding a magnetic field, it might be usable. Even
> >>> better, shielding is but the first step to
> >>> FOCUSING which will boost the efficiency and power
> >>> output enormously.
> >>
> >>> L. Parker
> >>
> >> Its called a Faraday cage.  Basicly a electrically
> >> conductive outer liner with no significant gaps
> >> for the fields to get through.
> >
> > Well, a Faraday cage has it's limits, it may decrease
> > the fieldstrength but depending on the structure
> > (thickness, conductivity, meshsize) of the wall
> > it leaves through a certain amount.
> >
> > Timothy
> Ok, be that way.  ;p   Coat the thing with a super conductor.  What gets
> through you can convert back to electricity.  A better question is would the
> thing work, and would it actually be efficent enough to be usful.  To my
> surprize 1 is sounding likely.  On the other hand.  2 sounds like a no go.
> Kelly

Well, I don't suppose it would be fair if I didn't at least offer an idea for a solution. I haven't ever heard of a Faraday cage, and I am not sure if it works or how strong of a field it would have to generate in order to work, but how about if your second field was the shield also? Shaped kind of like this:
                     O     |

Just a thought...