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RE: Dave's great idea...

At 06:58 PM 7/25/96 -0400, David Levine wrote:
>>I love it!!!!!!!! Hopefully everyone else agrees.
>>I'll have to read the next 20 letters to find out,
>Just a quick comment, Ben.  You may want to hold
>responses on a thread until you've read all the
>messages waiting in your box with the same subject.
>Cuts down on a multitude of small messages.
>Perhaps we should ALL do this more often.

Yea, I usually try to. I don't know why I didn't
this time. I guess the sheer number (35 messages)
told me that I would forget my replies by the 
time I read all and then got back to my replies.

Sorry about that, David. I'll do that from now
on.. and your right, if everyone did that, it
would REALLY cut down on mail.