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Re: Weekly newsletter

Kelly Starks x7066 MS 10-39 wrote:
> P.S.
> A summary abstract of the interesting bits in our correspondence would be
> great!!  We cover so much stuff in the various newsletter, we could write
> text books on the subject (assuming we could hire a librarian!).  But its a
> pain to search all that (even just the weeklies), and I doubt we could get
> anyone to spend the time.  If anyone has an Idea on how to do it let me
> know.  What could we do, set up alt.space.starships?

Now there's a great idea.  What's involved in setting up a usenet group?
The only problem I'd see is there would be no archive.  unless one of us went and
saved all the messages ourselves.

Kevin "Tex" Houston 	http://umn.edu/~hous0042/index.html