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RE: minor stuff...

Zenon Kulpa writes:
 > > From David@InterWorld.com Thu Jul 25 19:02:28 1996
 > > 
 > > >I think the main question in my mind is what you want to call the
 > > >mailing list.  I've proposed "mini-lit" and "starship-design", or we
 > > >could have a (hopefully brief) proposal and voting process.
 > > 
 > > starship-design sounds fine to me - probably to Kelly, too, as we know
 > > he doesn't like "lit"...
 > > 
 > Ahh, but what abot LIT having also Marine, Near Earth, 
 > and Solar System Development sections?
 > Should they maintain separate mailing lists?

I will immediately state that my offer is to manage a list specifically
for the Starship Design group that has been mailing each other with big
CC: lines for the past several months.  At the very least I only want to
maintain one list, although if we want to slightly expand the topic of
that list to cover those other areas that would be fine with me.