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Re: New lit loadings

> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Tue Jul 23 20:40:29 1996
> At 7:56 PM 7/23/96, Zenon Kulpa wrote:
> >> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Tue Jul 23 17:30:00 1996
> >>
> >> As you probably know, I've been working up some stuff for LIT.  Well I've
> >> just uploaded a bunch of it.  New home pages for LITY, Marine sciences,
> >> near earth development, and central library, member lists, etc.. etc...
> >> Please take a look.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >You asked for that... ;-))
> >
> >1. The URL above loads the "Hi there" text and nothing more
> >   (as does your LIT imagemap).
> >   One must do some guesswork to add "index.html" to the address...
> Opps.  Try.
Yes, I had already figured it out 
(as you should have seen from my text above...)

> >3. Some texts on your LIT imagemap are too small/too low contrast,
> >   hence hardly readable.
> Do you mean the tree on the bottom of the pages?

> >4. Congratulations! - you must have worked reeeelly hard:
> >   the number of spelling errors is an order of magnitude less
> >   that your usual share... ;-)
> ???  I though I forgot to even spell check it?
Really??? Miracles happen...  ;-)

> >And be prepared for another round of Kelly-bashing
> >concerning the one-way missions... ;-))
> :)  Oooo.  Freash meat.
> I could never figure out where you were coming from on the pro kamakazi
> flights.  Over here were hard pressed to get permision to deliberatly risk
> solder lives in combat.  Expending them for anything short of saving a U.S.
> city is unthinkable.
> In my cynical periods, I figured you'ld been under the Soviet thumb for too
> long.
There may be something in it - 
we here must still have some fighting trim left 
(you coke-drinking, couch-potato-lying decadents... ;-))

Seriously, though, my problem with this discussion was
that you seemingly were not able to, or do not want to,
understandand the GREAT difference between one-way missions 
and suicide missions. Only the latter are "kamikaze";
the former are simply cosmic-distance relocations -
I do not see any suicidal elements in them.
So budling both types of missions under "one-way" heading
and then discussing them together as if both were same-type
suicidal missions (as you do in your Progress Report) 
really infuriates me, as simply unfair arguing practice...

-- Zenon