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Re: Space questions...

At 5:21 PM 7/23/96, Zenon Kulpa wrote:
>> From hous0042@maroon.tc.umn.edu Tue Jul 23 17:16:30 1996
>> So, the US goes to the moon, mines ore, and charges a fortune for it.
>> This pays back the high developement cost, and since there is no
>> competiton, they make back the startup cost.  after a few years, some
>> smaller country decides they want  a piece of the pie.  So they send
>> their own mining contingent to the moon, but find that the US can always
>> undercharge for the ore, because the startup cost has been paid back.
>> This is what I was talking about.
>Ahh, but that is true for ANY investment in some new product/technology.
>So, should every new investor share his profits with all would-be ones?
>This is just pure socialism, if anything...
>-- Zenon

The idea was just that.  The details were more worked up for the law of the
sea treaty.  In that the compramise law had the comercial companies
equiping, training, and seting up, a compeating UN facility for every
corporate facility they built.  <It was called parallel track.  I think.>
The origional idea had everything done by the UN, all profits to be
disbursed by the UN.


Big brother owns everything not currently claimed by a sovern power?



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