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Re: How to become an astronaut?

On Mon, 22 Jul 1996, Philip Bakelaar wrote:

> Hey guys, I have a friend who is serious about wanting to
> be an astronaut. I'm just wondering what you guys suggest
> she should do to have a good chance? Like, does she *need*
> to go to NASA camp? What about grades? Health requirements
> (like 20/20 vison)?
There are two different types of Astronaut, military (pilot etc.) and
scientific.  Unless she want's to spend several years in the military
first, science is the way to go.  I recently read an article about what it
takes to be an astronaut, unfortunatly I don't remember where or much
about what it said, I will try and find it tho.  I do remember they said
that having a private pilots license was a plus.  The article was probably
in Ad Astra or Popular Science... I would imagine good vision is required
for the pilots.  (you can't wear contacts or eyeglasses to fly a jet) but
not necessary for the scientist (I know I've seen some with glasses).
However, the new surgeries for vision are an automatic red flag.  They
don't know how the eye will hold up under stress. Naturally being in shape
and good grades are a definate plus too.

Brandon Neill 
neill@foda.math.usu.edu           "I think therefore I am dangerous"