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Re: Space questions...

At 10:33 AM 7/21/96, Philip Bakelaar wrote:
>I have a question... isn't one of the big issues in the
>space world how in the usa there are all safety restrictions
>placed on space flight, and so that makes it impossible for
>space development and research to be done by private
>corporations (or at least non-profitable.. maybe not impossible)?
>i have more questions if i am right.

Currently their are legal restrictions.  For example the FAA hasn't figured
out how to lisence a space craft, and the feds haven't set liability
limitations for space craft accidents like they did for aircraft.  So you
could wind up being unable to get a launch permit, or get sued to death by
hungry lawyers if you have an accident.

Past that the United Nations has been tring to claim space as their
property, and refuse to let others profit in space.  The U.S. state
department has traditionally not cared much, but usually have been forced
by public presure (usually the L-5 society) to not sign.  For example at
the moment the state department is reluctant to bother protesting a U.N.
treaty being worked on that would effectivly outlaw nuclear poer system in
space.  That ofcourse would eliminate the possibility of missions past
Mars, or manned missions past the moon.  Or lunar bases for that mater.



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