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Re: Ocean stuff

At 2:29 PM 7/16/96, Zenon Kulpa wrote:
>> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Mon Jul 15 20:15:59 1996
>> Zenon
>> Do I remember correctly that you helped work up a web page on ocean cities?
>> Where are they, and what other ocean stuff do you recomend?
>The Atlantis Project (Oceania) is at:
>  http://oceania.org/
>It seems defunct since some time, but some interesting stuff
>can be found there.
>I am not particularly interested in "Ocean Stuff",
>so I do not haveanything of more interest here.
>You may also look at The Millenial Foundation InfoGuide:
>  http://www.millennial.org/~jwills/InfoGuide
>See also at Yahoo - they are probably the best
>for such a broad-theme searches.
>-- Zenon

Ah, when I remembered you had helped put together the floating city thing I
thought you might have some recomendations.  No problem I'll search Yahoo
or something when I get the time.



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