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RE: Space programs...

On most systems a CGI script is a script like any other.  It gets
its input from STDIN and its output from STDOUT.  If you can write
a C or perl program, you've written a CGI application.  Sure, the
format the data comes in on STDIN can be a little odd, but there's
plenty of documentation on it.  If I had an hour of free time, I'd go
through the old CGI stuff I had for the site and fix them....

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>Subject: 	Re: Space programs...
>OK.. right now the programs are in JavaSCRIPT, not Java.
>I don't plan on making them applets, because there is
>really no reason to. I believe that Java is the future,
>but I also know what its like to have a browser like
>Lynx trying to view any web page (all of em are netscape
>enhanced now!) so...
>I don't care if we have CGI scripts, but for one thing,
>I can't program them, unless someone has some web
>space where I can test out CGI stuff. My web server
>does not allow CGI scripts (meaning, I can't access
>them.. error when I try) so... anyway, I would love
>to do the CGI scripts, and yea I know we already have
>'em, but if we make new programs, I'd be willing to
>do them, as long as I have somewhere to test out the
>CGI scripts so I can learn. Actually, Id like to
>learn CGI anyway. Anybody?
>(BTW, you know I'm just using you guys for web 
> space, right? Oh, did I forget to tell you?!?)