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Re: New? LIT site.

At 8:20 PM 7/11/96, Kevin 'Tex' Houston wrote:
>Zenon Kulpa wrote:
>> > From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Thu Jul 11 16:25:28 1996
>> >
>> > Ah, Kev.  Zenon is in Poland.  You can probably hire a researcher in his
>> > center for a year for $20. ;)
>> >
>> Not be too excited, Kevin...
>> Actually, I would ask for much more  ;-)))
>If all Zenon can afford is 20 zlotys,  Then that's fine.  The money is not
>the main
>issue here.  I fully expect LIT to pull in it's fair share of traffic.

I certainly seems to get a good amount of traffic compared to other spasce
interest boards.  The Millenial socyity board is ranked amoung the top %5
and its gotten 11,000 hits this year.  We've been getting about a thousand
a month and out sites practically dead.

>> Kelly writes:
>> > Actually I like the idea of adds.  Besides the money aspect, it gives us a
>> > more succesful and profesional image.  No one sponcers or advertises on
>> > fools pages.  So if we can get a couple sponcership icons from credible
>> > groups (aerospace or space related especially) it would give us more
>> > credibility.  Not critical, but a plus.
>> >
>> Yes, I think it is possibly true -
>> if the ads were from the credible groups.
>> -- Zenon
>Credible or not, as long as the check is good.  :)

I don't know.  If their flaky or weird we might want to think about it.
Unless its a big check.  ;)



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