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Re: New? LIT site.

At 5:47 PM 7/11/96, Zenon Kulpa wrote:
>> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Thu Jul 11 17:20:31 1996
>> At 4:52 PM 7/11/96, Zenon Kulpa wrote:
>> >> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Thu Jul 11 16:25:28 1996
>> >>
>> >> Ah, Kev.  Zenon is in Poland.  You can probably hire a researcher in his
>> >> center for a year for $20.
>> >>
>> >> ;)
>> >>
>> >Not be too excited, Kevin...
>> >Actually, I would ask for much more  ;-)))
>> Oh, a senior reseach person like yourself?
>> I think LIT would spring for at least $45!
>> ;)
>Ehem, try again...
>Actually I am making ten times this a month (really... ;-))

Really?  ;)

A crule streak wants me to tell you what I make at a job so boring I have
time to do all this web work.  (Hint: the soviets didn't call us decadent
capitalists for nothing!)  ;)   <Resist resist!>

With your credentials here, I could get realy filthy rich!  <Stop drooling
on the keyboard!>

>> >> Actually I like the idea of adds.
>> >> Besides the money aspect, it gives us a
>> >> more succesful and profesional image.  No one sponcers or advertises on
>> >> fools pages.  So if we can get a couple sponcership icons from credible
>> >> groups (aerospace or space related especially) it would give us more
>> >> credibility.  Not critical, but a plus.
>> >>
>> >Yes, I think it is possibly true -
>> >if the ads were from the credible groups.
>> We definatly would have to be a bit carefull about that and groups we post
>> links to.  No serious flakes like the Artemis society or something.
>Have you some more data/opinion on them?
>I would appreciate more info.
>I have stumbled at their Web pages recently
>and it looked quite interesting, though I have not
>studied them carefully.
>-- Zenon

Regretably quite a bit.  A friend from my Johnson space center days is a
longtime family friend of the founder Greg Bennit (?).  The place was
recomended to me and some others in a group by another NASA researcher from
Maryland.  Given that the founder is an old NASA hand and has published a
couple of articals on this concept (not in any technical periodical) I
thought it might be interesting, so I tried it.


The basic concept is not well worked out.  (the mission assumes shuttle
capacities well beyond anything it can do.  NASA would have to risk its
political neck to support it, and would look like idiots for their trouble.
He was assuming he could partially fund it by selling documentaries on the
project,but assumed he'ld make 10 times as much on them as Lucas did on the
starwars films.  etc)  The concept might be fixable, but the guy has gotten
a power thing going and takes questions as a personal attack.  When I
pointed out some of the problems and suggested some alternates he accused
me of just being a flake who droped in to start a flame on the web, and
"I'ld see how they handel people like me".  He bounced my off the mailing
list and set their server to reject my submissions.

A few other members corresponded with me and said I had some great ideas,
but I wasn't the first to get that kind of treatment.  One of them was the
aquantence from JSC.  She had been a close family friend of his for many
years, but got jumped nearly as bad as I was when she suggested as a chain
smoaker he might have to give it up if wants to do the flight.  Or he'ld
ruin the air system.  She says since hes started Artemis he's gotten very
weird and egotistical, and shes been trying to distence herself from him
and the project.

All In all I'm not puting them on the LIT web links page.  ;)

Pity thou.  I'ld like to see someone workout an idea like that.



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