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Re: My (temporary) LIT Site...

Philip Bakelaar wrote:

> - To use any of the Space Programs, you pretty much
>   have to have Netscape. Any browser that supports
>   JavaScript will work, but other than Netscape, I
>   do not know any. Soon will be a compilation of
>   all the Basic and C programs, as well as a few
>   .EXEs and other stuff like that.

this is good, not everyone has Netscape (yet)

> - I am working on a Spanish translation, and when the
>   permanent site is done, if everybody agrees a
>   Spanish translation is a good idea, I will do that.
>   (BTW, if space is an issue, the Spanish mirror
>    could be on my webserver)

If you want to do the work of a spanish mirror, that's fine by me(frankly I think 
everyone in the world should just learn english and be done with it)  ;)

as for space, most of a site's space is in the graphics.  I don't think a duplicate
html document or ten will be a problem (some of the TOC will have to change of course)
hmm. maybe the foreign language sites should be mirrors at some other place.

> BTW, I have a question. Kevin, you say that the fee
> will be one-time. But, InterNIC charges $50 a year
> for maintaining a domain name. Maybe I misunderstood
> you. It will have to be a yearly fee, won't it?

Depends on what you are talking about.  If you are talking about LIT getting it's own
domain name, then yes the InterNIC fee would be yearly.  If you are talking about the 
URLy-Bird.com name, then no, I would not ask LIT to pay my domain name fees.  Besides, 
I'll be paid up for two years anyway, so it's a moot point for now.


> Just wondering.