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Re: My (temporary) LIT Site...

Here are several notes about my temp. LIT site:

- The address is: http://www.exit109.com/~pbakelaar/lit
  (sorry guys... it was past my bedtime when I wrote the
   other letter) :P

- To use any of the Space Programs, you pretty much
  have to have Netscape. Any browser that supports
  JavaScript will work, but other than Netscape, I
  do not know any. Soon will be a compilation of
  all the Basic and C programs, as well as a few
  .EXEs and other stuff like that.

- I am still looking for Member Information (if any of
  you guys actually want the info there).

- I am working on a Spanish translation, and when the
  permanent site is done, if everybody agrees a
  Spanish translation is a good idea, I will do that.
  (BTW, if space is an issue, the Spanish mirror
   could be on my webserver)

  Also, I know someone who *might* do a German 
  translation, if this is desirable.

- I am working on a Universe FAQ, which will hopefully
  one day evolve into a sort of online textbook. Anyway, 
  check it out under LIT Projects. 

  If anyone has any other ideas, like lists of certain 
  links (I know one of you is still waiting for Maser
  links, they will be under the LIT Projects once I 
  get around to it) let me know and I can probably 
  get right on it.

BTW, I have a question. Kevin, you say that the fee
will be one-time. But, InterNIC charges $50 a year
for maintaining a domain name. Maybe I misunderstood
you. It will have to be a yearly fee, won't it? 

Just wondering.