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Re: My (temporary) LIT Site...

Name: Kelly ?
       EMail: KellySt@aol.com
       WWW: ???

Kelly Starks

I'm a computer systems analyst.  I was born in Kenosha Wisconson, which is
just over the state line from Chicago.  I graduated from a local collage
with a BS in Mechanical enginneering and computer science and about half a
physics degree.  I worked for 7 years in Houston Texas developing a good
chunk of the shuttle flight planing software.  Another 6 years in Reston
Virginia (a Washington Dc subburb) verifing other people didn't mess up
when they wrote software for the space station Freedom program.  Before
that folded I went downton and spent 2 years doing computer analysis and
support at NASA headquarters.  Then got dumped as they started their
lay-offs.  As this might suggest I'm very interested in space, and have the
technical knowledge to follow up my interests.


Kelly Starks                       Internet: kgstar@most.fw.hac.com
Sr. Systems Engineer
Magnavox Electronic Systems Company
(Magnavox URL: http://www.fw.hac.com/external.html)