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RE: New? LIT site.

> From David@InterWorld.com Thu Jul 11 16:17:27 1996
> Heh.  <Grin>.  Well, if you want, maybe we can take out the "Est. 2032"
> stuff
> and put ourselves more solidly in the present, designing a starship for
> sixty-odd
> years from now (rather than our current designing a starship for the
> "present day"
> in 2055 or whatever...).  We call ourselves "LIT" because we're staking a
> claim... When
> we DO return to the moon, the eastern edge of Copernicus is OURS to
> establish
> a school at....
Yep! I am for it!

Long live Copernicus! (the crater, that is  ;-)

-- Zenon