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RE: New? LIT site.

At 5:24 PM 7/10/96, David Levine wrote:
>I fixed the TOC map for you to work properly with IIS now.  I have a
>conversion program
>that will let me convert it back to NCSA when we mirror it later.

Great!  I was worried I has messed up the pointers somehow.  I forgot that
you had to convert it.  (I was killing a lot of time trying to figure that
a couple of other pointer problems out.)

Hum, I noticed some of the TOCs work and some don't.  For example the the
Main Toc takes you to the Exploorer TOC.  But a selection in that just
bounces you back.

I guess this is pretty system specific.  So I'll manually check My link
files and you'll have to convert and test them on your system later.  I'll
concentrate on more general document things for a while.

This is rediculas!  So far I know of 4 map formats NCSA, Cern, your IIS
format, and AOL & GNN's .NVM format.  The later is identical to NCSA but it
has one extra header line!

>One comment, though.  The TOC graphic is 190k.  Perhaps I should change it
>to a JPEG
>and see if it's any smaller?

Sure go for it.  That should give a better image too.  The Map program I
was using only used Pict or gif, and I didn't know what this was being
triggered by so I left it.  Frankly the maps do take up a lot of space.
(Actually I was thinking of scaling down the size of the TOCs, but thats
another problem.)  If Jpeg works better I'll submit copies of both to you.

>>       Marine Development Project (If You still want to try it?)
>Yup.  Basically I'm going to start with the Europa Underwater Explorer,
>which comes up
>so often in sci.space.tech that it should be in a FAQ somewhere.
>>       Solar systen Development Project
>>           Solar system exploration, Mining, etc would fit in here.
>Also a sort of compliment-site to SSD, but for in-system craft (i.e. more
>technology, more believable that it could happen soon)
>>Comments?  Shock?  Horror?  Disinterest?
>New organization seems good.

Great!  I'll take a crack at it and load the new stuff in your site for
review.  Since I seem to be the only one whos hates the Lunar Institute of
Technology name I'll leave it on the master home page <sigh>.



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