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RE: New? LIT site.

Whos Lessa@worldnet.att.net ?

At 11:52 AM 7/10/96, David Levine wrote:
>>I think were all tired of Sunsites erratic problems.  (Parts of LIT
>>disapper or stop functioning. )  Given some of Daves comments and
>A note on this - SunSITE is getting better.  As a whole, the system is
>always running, because of the vast number of projects its supports.
>They've recently upgraded their connection speed (and claim to have
>one of the highest bandwidth connections on the net... it's still somewhat
>slow due to the sheer volume of traffic it supports) and instituted a new,
>comprehensive backup policy.

Ah I didn't know that.  I knew you were having a lot of trouble a year or
two back, and when the newsletters crashed you were haveing trouble getting
them back on line (and never did).  So I assumed SunSite was still flaky.
(Also things like majordomo or something to automate the maillists for the

If SunSites smothing out thou, that would change the perspective a bit.

>Also, my basic idea has been not to relocate LIT to my computer, but
>use my computer as a "staging server", with the main access point to
>LIT remaining at SunSITE.  This gives everyone access (via my computer)
>to the site, while still keeping it at a high profile (and stable) site.

I thought you mentioned something about puting more functions on your
server.  Mail account, DB search functions etc..

>I have to admit, if AOL gives that kind of stuff out for free, it sounds
>very attractive.

Yeah, my old collage (University of Wisconson Parkside) got shadow site
support for music archive under their program.  So I thought it was worth
looking into for us.  Don't know if they'll go for it, but it seemed worth
a try.  If you have stats or info that make us seem more charity
interesting Pass it along!

(See http://www.aol.com/give/  )

>As for the size of the site... I'm not sure.  It's quite large, currently
>megs - there's some AVI files floating around, and the archives themselves
>are quite big.  I'm guessing it's 10 megs, but that's a guess.  Obviously,
>it would grow frequently if we set things up right.

Hum, the new stuff I'm working on is about 2 meg.  With all the archives
and such I expected LIT would be more.  I could shadow up to 10 on my
personal account (thou I'ld have to subdevide it across 5 subaccounts).

>I'll check the map stuff later today.

Ok, thanks.  I'm going to try some stuff here too.

>Restructuring the LIT config?  You'll have to be more specific, please.

Oh, just what we had talked about a few months back.  Maybe triming off
sections that arn't going anywhere.  Like the branches that take you to the
(non-existent) class lists, collages of ocean engineering and exo-studies,
etc..  Also flatening the structuire a bit so things like the Starship
Design project, refernce stuff and computer support are closer to the home
page and eisier to find.  Stuff like that to make it a bit easier to get
around in, and focuses more attention on the live sections.

(HEY GROUP!  Any oppinons out there?)

I could try to work up some ideas and charts if you'ld like.  (Yes things
are quite around the office this week.)


I'm having trouble with my "reply to all" function too?  It droped everyone
in the CC list?  Never known Eudora to do that.


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