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RE: New? LIT site.

>> I eventually got SunSITE to accept.... 
>I wonder - what are the reasons of this site becoming defunct?
>Problems with the provider, or you, Dave, bored of maintaining it?
>I do not remember reading the explanation (or forgot it, possibly).

Oh, mainly only I have an account there, but it seems better to allow
everyone who's a major participant to have access to the pages, so
SunSITE hasn't really been abandoned... just temporarily "on the sidelines".
When the development site is ready to go live, I will begin mirroring
the development site at SunSITE, so the "development team" will
effectively have access to SunSITE.

>BTW, you have my address listed several times in your header
>(see above), so I am regularly receiving at least two copies
>of your postings (and this one arrived even in four copies,
>I am not sure why. 
>Such bandwidth waste, Dave... :-).

Whoops.  I'm not sure what was going on (i.e. why your name
was listed several times... I just hit the "reply-to-all" button),
but I think I've fixed it...