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RE: New? LIT site.

> From David@InterWorld.com Wed Jul 10 16:24:52 1996
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> Subject: RE: New? LIT site.
> Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 10:22:56 -0400
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> The only other reason I may seem apprehensive about all this is that I
> had a very very similar offer of help once before from a guy who was the
> sysadmin for a major ISP in Chicago - we had our own domain name
> (lunar.org), 
Yes, I remember the site, I have started my LIT membership from there,
after finding a link at the "Best of the Web" award page...

> unlimited space, a helpful sysadmin, *fast* access times,
> etc.  But eventually he ran into problems providing time and space, and
> his bosses asked him to shut LIT down - - without warning, the web site
> was inaccessable.  I could still log on, but ALL THE FILES WERE GONE.
> Luckily, after much yelling he was able to return most of my stuff, which
> I eventually got SunSITE to accept.... 
I wonder - what are the reasons of this site becoming defunct?
Problems with the provider, or you, Dave, bored of maintaining it?
I do not remember reading the explanation (or forgot it, possibly).

> I know they're not going away.  Now
> while I know Kevin has the best (BEST) intentions, and has no plans on
> giving up on LIT... well, you see, I have to be careful and plan for future
> contingencies, no matter how unlikely they seem now.

BTW, you have my address listed several times in your header
(see above), so I am regularly receiving at least two copies
of your postings (and this one arrived even in four copies,
I am not sure why. 
Such bandwidth waste, Dave... :-).

-- Zenon