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Re: July 4th

Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Kelly wrote:
> >Pity I don't still live in work in Reston Va. (about 30 miles west of
> >D.C.), or I'ld drop in.  We could make it a LIT convention.

but where any three gather in LIT's name... Ooops sorry, wrong group.  ;)

> >Whoa, surprize.  Hope you like the place.  Pity you missed all the
> >activities on the 4th.
> I yesterday saw a programme about that, I had heard of July 4th, but hadn't
> remembered it when I booked the flight.
> The TV-programme said it wasn't a big festival, only some simple fairs,
> families visiting eachother or having a picnic. I'm not sure where they did
> the shooting, it wasn't in a big city.

Well, I don't know who did that programme, but I think July 4th is just about the
Biggest holiday we have (says a lot about us actually) ;)  
Anyway, I'm sure you'll get to see plenty of Fireworks on July 5th.