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Re: Fwd: Re: Family SSTO design

At 11:00 PM 6/19/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>Kelly wrote:
>>I ran into a guy whos father may have been the first person to seriously
>>propose a SSTO launcher.  I had him send me some images he has (attached).
>>How about we add him to the LIT site?  It would get us some attention!
>Do we really need to worry about in system transfer?
>>From all things we talked about, I think that would be the easiest part. I
>assume that at the time humankind will build a starship, in solarsystem
>travel will be as normal as flying over the ocean (with an airplane).

Well by 2050 it wount be that common.  Also LIT does have a space
development (or whatever its named) section.  Not just a starship design

>P.S. The images you sent seriously need to be gamma-corrected, they are
>almost black at my screen.

They seem to be scans, of a snap shot, of posters leaning on a wall.  The
originator has said he'll get better scans, and more data, later.



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