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Re: A new old memeber

At 12:35 AM 5/5/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>Hi all,
>A few weeks ago, an old web-friend Emailed me. Some of the older LIT members
>may still remember his name: Nick Tosh.
>He has been off-line for a long time (6 months) and likes to join the
>SD-group again. His connection is still not completely up and running, so I
>will do the initial correspondence for him and ask everybody to please add
>his address to the Cc-list:
>101765.2200@compuserve.com  (Nick Tosh)
>I assume he will introduce himself to the group when possible.
>Thanks, Timothy

Say hi to Nick for me.

Oh, I just noticed that we are not all using the same list of E-mail
addresses.  A couple of the new ones are not being used all the time.  Lets
all correct are lists.


Who's neill@foda.math.usu.edu ?


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